Reckong Peo Bus Stop

Kinnaur Bus Timetable (New Timings)

Reckong Peo bus stop is located near HPPWD Circuit House, Reckong Peo. Mostly, the government run Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation (HRTC) buses run from the Reckong Peo bus stop.

HRTC buses at Reckong Peo Bus Stop
Reckong Peo bus stop

The bus stop is colloquially known as Peo bus stand, as the locals prefer to call the town ‘Peo’.

Travelers can also take a bus from Reckong Peo market bus stop. We recommend taking a bus from the main bus stop as seats get filled (most of the time) at the main bus stop, and you may find it difficult to get a seat for a long time while traveling on the serpentine roads.

Reckong Peo Market Bus Stop
Peo Market Bus Stop
RouteDeparture TimeBus NumberBus Type
Reckong Peo – Shimla – Hamirpur4:00 AM3324
Reckong Peo – Mandi4:30 AM
Nichar – Shimla – Nalagarh5:15 AM1882
Reckong Peo – Rampur Bushahr – Rohru5:30 AM3651
Reckong Peo – Nako – Sumdu – Kaza5:30 AM3051
Reckong Peo – Ropa Valley – Pooh6:00 AM2235
Kafnu – Kalka – Chandigarh6:00 AM4177
Reckong Peo – Chandigarh – Haridwar6:00 AM1879
Reckong Peo – Chandigarh           6:15 AM4178Deluxe bus    
Reckong Peo – Sangla – Rakcham – Chitkul village7:00 AM2996
Sangla – Chandigarh – Delhi7:00 AM3043
Reckong Peo – Yulla village – Urni – Badakhamba7:00 AM2994
Reckong Peo – Purbani7:10 AM3012
Ribba – Reckong Peo – Shimla – Chandigarh7:15 AM2998
Kalpa – Reckong Peo – Shimla7:40 AM3357
Reckong Peo – Barang village8:00 AM1273
Lippa village – Reckong Peo – Solan8:15 AM3046
Kothi-Reckong Peo-Sarahan8:15 AM
Reckong Peo – Thangi – Lambar village (via Ribba)8:15 AM2249
Thangi – Reckong Peo – Shimla – Dharmshala8:30 AM3353
Reckong Peo – Pangi village8:45 AM3052
Reckong Peo – Dhakho village – Chungling8:45 AM2994
Moorang village – Haridwar8:50 AM
Rampur Bushahr – Reckong Peo – Tabo9:00 AM3020
Pooh – Reckong Peo – Shimla9:15 AM3380
Reckong Peo – Sangla – Rakcham – Chitkul village9:30 AM2996
Ropa village – Reckong Peo – Sunni – Shimla9:35 AM2995
Reckong Peo – Asrang  (Via Rarang village)10:00 AM3052
Reckong Peo-Rampur Bushahr10:30 AM
Reckong Peo – Hango village (via Namgia)11:00 AM1664
Reckong Peo – Chandigarh – Delhi11:30 AM3354
Reckong Peo – Nako – Sumdu check post12:00 PM1453
Reckong Peo-Sangla-Chitkul12:00 PM
Reckong Peo-Barakamba12: 30 PM
Reckong Peo – Kalpa1:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Pangi village1:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Ribba village – Rispa – Pooh – Nesang village1:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Chandigarh             1:30 PM4165Deluxe bus  
Reckong Peo – Dharampur (via Karsog, Mandi, Riwalsar,
2:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Lippa – Asrang2:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Kilba – Bari – Nichar2:45 PM
Pangi – Reckong Peo – Dharamshala
(via Karsong – Mandi – Jogindarnagar – Palampur)
3:00 PM
Reckong Peo- Dharamshala (via Karsog)3:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Spillow – Ropa valley3:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Tapri – Kafnu – Yagpa (Bhabha valley)3:15 PM
Kalpa-Reckong Peo-Shimla-Chandigarh3:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Kalpa – Roghi3:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Kanam (via Labrang village)3:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Sangla – Rakcham4:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Purbani village4:00 PM
Shimla-Reckong Peo-Pooh4:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Ralli village (via Shong & Chansu village)4:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Shimla – Hamirpur4:30 PM
Dharmshala-Reckong Peo-Moorang-Thangi4:30 PM
Reckong Peo – Barang village4:45 PM
Reckong Peo – Lippa village5:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Moorang village5:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Dhakho – Roghi village5:00 PM
Reckong Peo-Jhalma5:00 PM
Reckong Peo – Thopan (Via Ribba-Rispa village)5:15 PM
Reckong Peo – Pangi village5:15 PM
Kaza – Reckong Peo – Shimla7:00 PM
Chandigarh – Reckong Peo – Ribba village7:15 PM
Schedule of HRTC buses that departs/reach at Reckong Peo bus stop.

The bus number allocated to a route is not writ in stone. Please call HRTC Reckong Peo bus stop (station in-charge number 01786222444) to know the latest changes to bus numbers assigned to a route.  

Shimla to Kinnaur bus timings

HRTC bus timings for buses running towards Rampur Bushahr and Kinnaur from ISBT Tutikandi, Shimla

Departure time from ISBT ShimlaRouteViaBus type
04:00 AMShimla to PoohNarkanda-Rampur-Reckong Peo Ordinary
04:10 AMDelhi to Reckong PeoNarkanda-Rampur-Tapri Ordinary
04:30 AMDharamshala to ThangiNarkanda-Rampur-Reckong Peo Ordinary
05:00 AMDelhi to Rampur BushahrNarkanda-Sainj-KumarsainVolvo
05:00 AMShimla-Ropa villageSunni-Luhri-Rampur-Reckong Peo Ordinary
05:45 AMDelhi-Reckong PeoNarkanda-Rampur-Tapri Ordinary
06:10 AMShimla-KalpaNarkanda-Rampur-Reckong Peo Ordinary
06:42 AMJammu-RampurNarkanda-Sainj-Kumarsain Ordinary
06:54 AMSolan-LippaNarkanda-Rampur-Reckong Peo Ordinary
07:15 AMDelhi-SanglaNarkanda-Rampur-Karcham Ordinary
08:30 AMKalka-Kafnu (Bhaba valley)Narkanda-Rampur-WangtuOrdinary
09:00 AMChandigarh-Ribba villageNarkanda-Rampur-Reckong Peo
09:30 AMHaridwar-SarahanNarkanda-Sainj-RampurOrdinary
10:15 AMNalagarh-Reckong PeoNarkanda-RampurOrdinary
10:20 AMChandigarh-Reckong PeoNarkanda-RampurDeluxe (without AC)
10:50 AMHamirpur-Reckong PeoNarkanda-RampurOrdinary
11:45 AMChandigarh-SarahanNarkanda-KumarsainOrdinary
01:45 PMAmbala-Rampur BushahrNarkanda-KumarsainOrdinary
04:10 PMShimla-Rampur BushahrNarkanda-KumarsainOrdinary
06:30 PMShimla-Kaza (Spiti valley)Narkanda-Reckong Peo-Nako-TaboOrdinary
08:00 PMHamirpur-KazaNarkanda-Reckong Peo-Nako-TaboOrdinary
10:20 PMChandigarh-Reckong PeoNarkanda-RampurDeluxe (without AC)
10:30 PMChandigarh-Reckong PeoNarkanda-RampurOrdinary
10:40 PMHamirpur-JhakriNarkanda-RampurOrdinary
11:15 PMChandigarh-Rampur BushahrNarkanda-KumarsainOrdinary
12:15 AMChandigarh-Rampur BushahrNarkanda-KumarsainOrdinary
1:45 AMPalampur-JeoriNarkanda-Rampur-JhakriOrdinary
03:00 AMChintpurni-SarahanNarkanda-Rampur-JeoriOrdinary

Tapri – Chandigarh Volvo bus

HRTC has recently introduced a Volvo bus service on the Tapri – Chandigarh route. For a comfortable journey, you can board this bus at ISBT Chandigarh (Sector 43) at 5:40 AM. The bus departs from Tapri at 5 AM in the morning and arrives in Chandigarh by 4 PM. The fare for the bus ride is 1218 INR.

RouteDeparture TimeArrival Time
Tapri – Chandigarh05:00 AM4PM
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