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Lamkhaga pass climb

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At Raacho Trekkers, We offer a wide experience of the Himalayas starting from non technical and technical trekking, to snow leopard safaris and tribal festival and monastery/temple tours to the remote Himalayas.

We believe in smaller groups as it helps us give extra attention to individuals and puts lesser pressure on the environment. Being environmentally conscious is of high priority and we choose sustainable methods of waste disposal.  We individually desire and strongly believe in cleanliness and hygiene so you will only find the neatest and cleanest of gear and food. Comfort cannot be far, and we ensure it to the limit possible; be it being the only company to provide foam mattress in tents, to the quality of food. We are in it for the love of it. And you will feel it too. Being native to the region, we understand fragility of the mountain ecosystem and need to protect the primitive culture of mountain people. We always try to discover the routes less travelled by and reveal spell bounding beauty of the Himalayas to the world.

Our Story

We have been organising trekking expeditions and road trip around the region for last 10 years. For the first time , we opened the route of Lamkhaga pass for trekking community from Kinnaur side in June 2014. In June 2017 we organised three passes trek ( Patangani , Auden’s and Mayali pass ) and was first group to complete the three passes trek.

Trekking in Kinnaur , Spiti , Uttarkashi and Garhwal.

Raacho Trekkers offers trekking in Kinnaur , Spiti , Uttarkashi and Garhwal and offbeat travel, trekking , camping and road trips in remotest mountains of Himachal and Uttrakhand. Our flagship treks are Lamkhaga pass , The three passes trek ( Auden’s col , Mayali pass , Patangini Dhar) , Two passes trek ( Borasu pass , Bali pass ) , Kinner Kailash Parikrama trek ( Charang – La ) , Bhabha pass and Mangsu pass.

Meet the Team

The team comprises of Sonu Negi , L C Negi (ABVIM, Manali certified trek leader) Rajiv Negi ( Guide and support) , Manish & Lokesh ( cook)


                                          Sonu Negi


Sonu Negi is the owner and CEO of Raacho Trekkers and organises some of the most exotic, remote, and adventurous treks in the Trans-Himalayan regions of Spiti, Kinnaur, and  Uttarakhand Garhwal areas.Being born and raised in Tidong Valley , a region in Kinnaur where climbing and trekking is everyday part of the life , Sonu needs no certification or approval in mountain trekking and climbing. He has been solo trekking since an early age, and subsequently followed his dreams to create a career out of it.He has earned his reputation over the years purely on word of mouth.

The call of the unknown drives him and he is famous for exploring and creating new routes. There is no ‘been there done that’ with him. Always on the look for the next unexplored trail, he likes to create different and unique experiences for his clients, even on the more popular trails.

In addition to trekking, Sonu’s skills are in demand as a high altitude adventure professional for tracking the elusive snow leopards, creating cultural and adventure safaris for corporate groups and travellers, camping, and ensuring the list of exciting new activities and trails for Raacho Trekkers clients are always growing.

His main focus is less known treks in Kinnaur , Spiti and Uttrakhand (Garhwal and Uttarkashi region ).

                                                 L C Negi

                                                               Trek Leader

L C Negi is an alumni of ABVIM Manali. He has done advanced mountaineering course and search and rescue course from the institute. He has more than 15 years of experience in mountaineering, trekking and alpine skiing.

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