Manirang Pass Trek Log

Manirang Pass Trek Itinerary Day 1: Mud Village to Mane. Mane village to Manirang base camp  2nd of August Took a bus from Mud village to Mane village.  Trekked to Manirang Base camp near Mor Nala (a stream or rivulet). Coordinates (lat 31.97792N, long 78.31715E).  Day 2: Manirang base camp to advance base camp 3rd… Continue reading Manirang Pass Trek Log

Crossing the Himalayas: From Leh To Kathmandu

The 28-year-old French adventurer Eliott Schonfeld, winner of the GEO Adventure contest, crossed the Himalayan chains on foot and on horseback from August to December 2017. After four and a half months of trudging in trans-Himalaya, he gradually got rid of the modern comforts & paraphernalia. The aim was to replace the products of modern… Continue reading Crossing the Himalayas: From Leh To Kathmandu

Kinnaur Kailash Trek Blog

Charang - La base camp

Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama Trek Otherwise called Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama, this trek is circumambulation (parikrama) around the holy Kinnaur Kailash Range.Kinnaur Kailash is one of the 5 Kailash a Shiv Bhakt must-visit (others being Shrikhand Mahadev, Manimahesh Kailash, Adi Kailash, and Kailash Mansarovar). Kinnaur Kailash itself has two important routes from the pilgrimage perspective.1) Kinnaur Kailash… Continue reading Kinnaur Kailash Trek Blog

Lamkhaga Pass Trek – May 2018 Expedition Blog

Jalandhari Gad amphitheater

Chitkul to Gangotri/Harsil Trek Lamkhaga Pass (5282m) (Chitkul to Harsil), May 2018This Himalayan high pass divides Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand in India. We followed the following route:–Chitkul to Rani Kanda-Rani Kanda to Dhumti-Dhumti to Gundar-Gundar to Lamkhaga advance base camp (Kinnaur side) (One may break this climb till base camp 1 and next day… Continue reading Lamkhaga Pass Trek – May 2018 Expedition Blog

Lamkhaga Pass Trek Expedition blog

That morning! Ranikanda meadows [Lamkhaga pass trek expedition 2015]

Lamkhaga Pass Trek log | In The Footsteps Of Marco Pallis Chitkul-Gangotri Trek [Chitkul: The last village of Kinnaur, Himachal to Harsil via Lamkhaga Pass (5284mtr)] [MAY – June 2015 ] TREK ITINERARY : 28th May: Reach Base Camp Chitkul by road from Shimla Trek Starts: Day #1 29th May: Chitkul (3435 meters) to Nagasthi… Continue reading Lamkhaga Pass Trek Expedition blog

Baspa Valley Kinnaur: Valley Of Brimming Beauty

In the western Himalayas, bordering along with Tibet and Garhwal, the Baspa valley—also called Sangla valley—of Kinnaur has been open to visitors since the early 90s. The valley got its name from the Baspa river which originates from Chung Sakhago pass and meanders for around 30 km before meeting Satluj on its left bank near… Continue reading Baspa Valley Kinnaur: Valley Of Brimming Beauty

Auden’s Col Trek : Via Khatling Glacier & Mayali Pass

Bhrigupanth - Thalay Sagar - Jogin towering over Kedar Tal

Auden’s Col is a pass in the Gangotri Group of mountains that connects Jogin I (6465m) and Gangotri III (6580m) and is reportedly situated at an altitude of around 5400m. It also binds two glaciers on the opposite sides. One is Khatling glacier and the other one looks like the glacier belonging to Jogin I.… Continue reading Auden’s Col Trek : Via Khatling Glacier & Mayali Pass

Pin-Bhabha pass trek

Crossing Kara stream , enroute Bhabha pass trek

Pin-Bhabha Pass Bhabha pass is located between the Kinnaur and Pin valley of Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. From the beginning of the trek to the end, one experiences wildly vivid landscapes, people, languages, and religions. Pin valley,Spiti to Bhaba valley crossover Bhabha Pass Trek can be done in either direction, from the Mud village… Continue reading Pin-Bhabha pass trek