Lamkhaga Pass Trek Expedition blog

That morning! Ranikanda meadows [Lamkhaga pass trek expedition 2015]

Lamkhaga Pass Trek log | In The Footsteps Of Marco Pallis Chitkul-Gangotri Trek [Chitkul: The last village of Kinnaur, Himachal to Harsil via Lamkhaga Pass (5284mtr)] [MAY – June 2015 ] TREK ITINERARY : 28th May: Reach Base Camp Chitkul by road from Shimla Trek Starts: Day #1 29th May: Chitkul (3435 meters) to Nagasthi… Continue reading Lamkhaga Pass Trek Expedition blog

Kalpa & Charang Snow Hikes | Winter in Kinnaur

Snowy peaks of Kinnaur Kailash towering over Chini village --blanketed by fresh snow-- of Kalpa.

After a long delay, I’m finally posting pics of our winter trip to Kinnaur — i.e. Kalpa (Chini village), Charang Village & the Charang Rangrik Monastery of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Charang village is the last village on the Indo-China Border. The last ITBP post is located in this village. Wintertime in Kinnaur  For the city folks,… Continue reading Kalpa & Charang Snow Hikes | Winter in Kinnaur

Chaka Meadows Hike – The Kalpa Trek

Views from Chaka meadwos

Chaka meadows are mountain meadows high above Kalpa village of Kinnaur. It is a hike recommended for the ones in tireless twenties who have just started their trekking journey or for the people ones in late forties a time when knees begin to protest against the gradient and you start appreciating the least challenging of… Continue reading Chaka Meadows Hike – The Kalpa Trek

Pin-Bhabha pass trek

Crossing Kara stream , enroute Bhabha pass trek

Pin-Bhabha Pass Bhabha pass is located between the Kinnaur and Pin valley of Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. From the beginning of the trek to the end, one experiences wildly vivid landscapes, people, languages, and religions. Pin valley,Spiti to Bhaba valley crossover Bhabha Pass Trek can be done in either direction, from the Mud village… Continue reading Pin-Bhabha pass trek