Terms of Use

Thanks for considering us for your travel/trek partner in the Western Himalayan region. By using our website and booking a trek/trip, you agree to these Terms of Use conditions.

  • Registration & Guides: We are registered as Raacho Trek & Tour Outfitters and all our guides and partner tour operators are registered with the Department of Tourism, Himachal Pradesh. 
  • All our treks are led by certified and experienced guides, ensuring your safety and adherence to the government guidelines.
  • Medical Fitness: You are responsible for ensuring your medical fitness for the chosen trek. We recommend consulting a doctor beforehand, especially for treks in high altitude regions or strenuous routes.
  • Risk Acknowledgement: Adventure activities inherently involve risks. You acknowledge these risks and participate voluntarily. We take all reasonable safety precautions, but cannot eliminate all risks associated with trekking.
  • Equipment: We will provide a detailed list of recommended gear for each trek. It’s your responsibility to bring appropriate clothing, footwear, and any personal equipment you may need.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to responsible and sustainable travel/trek practices. You agree to follow Leave No Trace principles and minimize your impact on the environment during the trek/travel.
  • Following Guide Instructions: It’s crucial to follow your guide’s instructions throughout the trek. This makes sure you and the participants get to their destination safely.

Additional Terms:

  • Payment: Payment terms and cancellation policy will be shared before booking stage for each trek/trip.
  • Changes to Itinerary: We reserve the right to modify the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances like weather or safety concerns. We will make every effort to inform you promptly and provide the best possible alternative.

By using our website and booking a trek/trip, you confirm you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Use and the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities Rules.

Raacho Trekkers Team