Crossing Kara stream , enroute Bhabha pass trek

Pin-Bhabha pass trek

Pin-Bhabha Pass

Bhabha pass is located between the Kinnaur and Pin valley of Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh. From the beginning of the trek to the end, one experiences wildly vivid landscapes, people, languages, and religions.

Pin valley,Spiti to Bhaba valley crossover

Bhabha Pass Trek can be done in either direction, from the Mud village of Spiti and from Kafnu village of Bhabha valley, Kinnaur.  Normally it takes 4-5 days to reach the Mud village under normal weather conditions. Bhabha Pass connects two contrasting valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti. Lush green meadows of Bhabha valley transforms into barren moonscapes of the Pin valley of Spiti region.

Kara lake, Bhaba valley , Kinnaur
Kara lake, Bhaba valley , Kinnaur
Bhabha valley , Kinnaur
Bhabha valley, Kinnaur
enroute Bhabha pass , Bhabha pass trek
En route Bhabha pass, Bhabha pass trek
Crossing Kara stream , enroute Bhabha pass trek
Crossing Kara stream, en route Bhabha pass trek

Highlights Of  Pin Bhabha Trek:

  • Moonscapes of  Spiti valley.
  • Kara stream crossing.
  • Pin river.
  • Mulling Meadows
  • High altitude mountains.

Pin-Bhabha Pass Itinerary:

Day 1: Kafnu to Mulling (2,400 m to 3,200 m)

Approx. Trekking time: 6-7 hours,

Trek gradient:  Easy walk on a moderate slope.

Day 2: Mulling to Kara(3,200 m to 3,500 m)

 Approx. trekking time:  5-6 hours

 Trek gradient: Moderate.

Day 3: Trek from Kara to Phustirang (3,500 m  to 3950 m)

 Approx. trekking time:  4-5 hours

 Trek gradient: Moderate to tough

Day 4: Phutsirang to Mangrungse over Pin Bhaba Pass  (4,107 m  to  4,900 m Bhabha pass  to  4,100 m Mangrungse)

Approx. trekking time:  8-9 hours

 Trek gradient: Difficult.  Ascent to the pass followed by a gradual descent.

Day 5: Trek from Mangrungse to Baldhar (4,100 m to 3850 m)

Approx. trekking time:  3-4 hours

Trek gradient: Moderate

Day 6: Baldhar to Mudh (3850 m to 3700m)

Approx. trekking time:  3-4 hours

Trek gradient: Easy

Getting there:

Kafnu: Kafnu is situated in the Kinnaur district. It is around 201 km from Shimla. Drive on NH 22 from Shimla will take you to Kafnu via Rampur & Wangtoo.

Distance from Shimla to Kafnu: 201 Kms.

Mud village: Mud village is situated in the Spiti valley of Lahaul & Spiti district. First, reach Manali then take a drive to Kaza which is 201 Kms. from Manali. From Kaza, Book sumo & reach Mud village.

Distance from Manali to Kaza: 201 Kms.

Distance from Kaza to Mud village: Around 50 to 60 Kms.


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