Lamkhaga Pass Trek

Lamkhaga pass(elevation 5300m)is a fairly remote trek and is now regarded as the classic route from Kinnaur to Gangotri. It was first crossed by Marco Pallis in 1933. The trek is also known as  Chitkul to Gangotri or Harsil to Chitkul trek.

Lamkhaga Pass Trek

The trek can be done from either side. The beautiful route takes you through some of the most remote areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, like the Jalandhari Gad valley that is covered with flowers, post-monsoon.

Bridge over Baspa river
Boulders near Lamkhaga basecamp
Rappelling down to Jalandhari gad campsite
Meadows of beyond Dumti campsite
Climbing the glacier below Lamkhaga basecamp
Climbing up to the basecamp of Lamkhaga
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Though the difficulty is a relative term, the Lamkhaga pass trek is considered the most difficult in Kinnaur-Garhwal Himalayas. The snow in the early season could impede your progress.

Harsil is famous for Wilson’s Cottage that was built in 1864. Gangotri is a short drive from Harsil, while Chitkul is the last village in the Baspa valley.

The Lamkhaga pass trek offers a panorama of diverse landscape that includes

The team of Raacho Trekkers opened the route in June 2014. Read the pass expedition account of May 2016, May 2017 and May 2018.

What does Lamkhaga Pass Trek Cost?

The Cost estimation is based on the number of factors like the group size, pick-up place(Chandigarh/Shimla) and add-ons needed(like backpack offloading, accommodation before and after the trek & drop off point(Shimla/Chandigarh). Drop an email to avail group offers & early bird discounts.

Our fixed departures for 2020 is scheduled for May 23rd, September 1st, and September 15th. We can arrange a customized trek if the dates are not suiting your plan.


Region::Kinnaur-Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand
Duration:10 Days
Difficulty level:Moderate to Challenging
Maximum Altitude:5300m
Best Time To Trek:May to September.
Trek Distance:Around 90Kms


  • Day #1: Shimla – Chitkul
  • Day #2: Chitkul – Nagasthi – Rani Kanda
  • Day #3: Acclimatization day
  • Day #4: Rani Kanda – Dumti
  • Day #5: Dumti – Gundar
  • Day #6: Gundar – Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp
  • Day #7: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp – Basecamp II
  • Day #8: Basecamp II – Lamkhaga Pass – Basecamp III
  • Day #9: Basecamp III – Kyorkati
  • Day #10: Kyorkati – Harsil

Detailed Itinerary

This 10-day Lamkhaga trek itinerary commences from the beautiful village of Chitkul in Sangla or Baspa valley of Kinnaur, Himachal & ends at Harsil (Gangotri region, Uttarakhand) through some of the remote regions, usually not accessible for the civilians.

Day 01: Shimla – Chitkul

Reception at Shimla, have breakfast and drive to Chitkul via Kufri and Narkanda. Reach Sangla village by late afternoon. Explore the Baspa valley and have dinner at Chitkul. Overnight stay in Chitkul in guest house/ village homestay.

Day 02: Chitkul – Nagasthi – Rani Kanda

Chitkul is the last village in Baspa valley and is located on the true right bank of the river. The valley of Sangla is 26 km from Chitkul and is very beautiful and one of the best in Kinnaur. We start the trek from Chitkul and trek up to Rani Kanda. Dinner and overnight stay in tents in Rani Kanda.

Day 03: Acclimatization day

Today we take rest in Rani Kanda and acclimatize ourselves. We can relax and explore the surroundings.

Day 04: Rani Kanda – Dumti

Today we trek through and cascading waterfalls and flowery meadows to reach Dumti. Dinner and overnight stay in tents in Dumti.

Day 05: Dumti – Gundar

Start the day from Dumti and trek up to Gundar. We follow the Baspa River all along and cross several small streams along the way to reach Gundar.

Day 06: Gundar – Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp

It could be a tough day depending upon the snow conditions and so an early start is recommended. The climb is steep and may require some technical gear. Dinner and overnight stay in tents at the base camp.

Day 07: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp – Base camp II (Kinnaur)

Today we trek from the base camp to the base camp II on the Kinnaur side. The climb is steep and on snow. We start early because at times it might take longer than expected.

Day 08: Base camp II (Kinnaur) – Lamkhaga Pass – Base camp III (Gangotri)

Today we start our final ascent to the Lamkhaga Pass and we cross the mountain pass and get over to the base camp on the Gangotri side. The climb is steep and might require technical gear.

Day 09: Base camp III (Gangotri) – Kyorkati

Today we descend down from the base camp to Kyorkati at the mouth of the glacier which is a meadow. We pitch our tents here and camp for the night.

Day 10: Kyorkati – Harsil

The final leg of the trek is through very beautiful and through thick forests, numerous waterfalls, and unnamed streams. We finally reach Harsil and rest for the night in the village homestays or tents. The next morning we depart for Uttarkashi.

Cost Includes

  • All arrangements for overnight stays during the trip.
  • Camping & Climbing gear
  • All food expenses
  • Food will usually consist of morning breakfast, lunch, evening high tea, and dinner.
  • All food will be vegetarian.
  • Special trained certified guides trained for emergency situations.
  • Local guides and workers with in-depth knowledge about the local area.
  • One luggage per person will be transported by us.
  • Inner line permits and arrangements en route will be arranged by the operator.
  • All stays and lodging on a twin sharing basis shall be provided.

Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate Camp-site (4650 Mtr) – Kinnaur (Himachal Pradesh)

Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate camp-site is a very high altitude camp-site with views of 3 passes of Jalandhari Gad Valley – Chhotkhaga Pass, Dudhiyan Pass & Lamkhaga Pass, Huge snowfields & Extremely scenic snow slopes of Kinnaur valley.

This campsite is a new camp-site altogether because Raacho Trekkers never camped in this campsite before, either they camp at Lamkhaga Pass Base or Advanced camp-sites before attempting Pass. Since our team is full of energy & able to trek at a good pace on the 4th day, we went a little ahead of 2 Kms. from Lamkhaga Pass Base camp-site where we supposed to camp. This camp-site comes between Lamkhaga Pass Base & Advanced camp-site from the Kinnaur side.

As per the trek crew, Chhotkhaga & Dudhiyan Pass were almost impossible to cross since it’s difficult terrain.

A small clip of unedited version of Lamkhaga Pass Intermediate camp-site captured in my Nikon D750 on 23rd May 2017

Besides good planning, logistics, food and good equipment packing a backpack and carrying essential things play a key role in the success of an expedition.

Lamkhaga Pass Trek Route Maps

Lamkhaga pass map
Lamkhaga pass trek map by Marco Pallis[Across the peaks and Lamas]
Lamkhaga pass map | Lamkhaga pass trek
Lamkhaga pass map from Leomann maps

Lamkhaga pass map


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  1. Hello. My wife and I are our mid 50’s and in good health. We have also done a number of treks in the Nepal Himalaya. We are thinking of trying to do the Chitakul to Harsil trek around May 2020. Would this be possible, or is it too early in the season?
    Thank you.
    Jim Barker (Brisbane, Australia).

  2. Saurabh pathare

    Am interested in doing this trek in the month of Sept 2019, group size of 10, pls send me the details itenery and cost

  3. hi,I am 21 and wondering if i can go on this trek.I have done a few treks in himachal before.How much will it cost?

    1. Hello Vinay. It all depends on fitness and stamina level. An experience of a high altitude trek certainly helps. There are numerous examples of people effortlessly climbing a 5000m+ altitude pass and completing the trek.

  4. Hi,
    I am interested. Can u tell me if there is any batch for June 2019 and if it is there then please send me the itinerary and total cost of the trek.

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    Wants to trek Lamkhaga & Borasu pass together by four person. Will arrive Haridwar on 15-09-2019 afternoon. Return ticket from haridwar on 30-09-2019 night. We need Guide, porters cum cook, fuel, tent for guide porters etc. Others we will arrange. You have to arrange the necessary permission. Please provide us the rate(s).
    At the same time, please provide the package rate from Hardiwar to Haridwar. Date is fixed. Plesae urgently provide the intimation.
    Provide your contact No. please.

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    can you send me the details & cost break-up.

  7. Planning for Lamkhaga pass in September 2019 ,
    Saw your itinerary , Can you tell at what time we need to reach shimla on first day for reporting, Also which is the last point you drop us at the end.

  8. Vaishalee Tankha

    My son and I want to do a trek together next year btwn July/ August 2020. Pls connect on phone.

    Thank you

    1. It depends on the fitness level, willpower and appropriate gear of an individual. There are plenty of easy to moderate treks that you can try. In Kinnaur region, you can go for Yulla Kanda, Raacho Kanda, Bhaba pass and Buran Ghati trek.

  9. Hi,
    Planning to do this trek would join one of the fixed departure. Can you please provide your contact number and costing details of the trek.

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