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Lamkhaga pass trek blog by Austin D’Rozario

Hey guys,
This is a report of the Lamkhaga Pass Trek, done June 21st to 28th 2014 from Chitkul (HP) to Harsil (UTTK)

Getting there: arrived Delhi from Pune, and got the pre-booked Volvo HRTC from ISBT at 2100 hrs. Reached Shimla at 0450 old terminal, and immediately took the local shuttle bus to the New ISBT Shimla 15 minutes away. Got the Delhi-Reckong Peo bus at 0600 hrs and left at 0630 from Shimla. Got a little delayed due to the landslide near Karcham, and changed buses at Karcham at 1700 hrs, getting the RecongPeo – Sangla bus, reaching Sangla at 1800 hrs. This should normally take 10 hrs. Took the bus at 1200 next day to base camp Chitkul alt. 3455mtr. Met up with the team there. the next 4 days were done walking the Baspa Valley, with slight height gains daily.

Day 1: Departure at 0900 hrs. An easy flat walk to Nagasthi, for the initial registering at the ITBP post. Permits and paperwork had been done prior to departure  got to camp near Rani Kanda at 1330. tents were pitched in a meadow with flowers and a water point nearby. 3700mtr. 10km.

Camping at Ranikanda Meadows, Lamkhaga pass trel
Camping at Ranikanda Meadows , Lamkhaga pass trek

Day 2: Departure at  0800 hrs. Another lovely day, great weather, slight climbs, reaching Dumti at 1300 hrs and camped next to the ITBP post in a large campground. Nights began to get Cold. 4050mtr 9km.

Day 3: Dumti to Gundar 4700mtr 15km traversed over rock slides while having the Baspa river all the way with us. Stopped near Nihal Thach awhile,
then crossed the bridge and later arrived at Gundar camp at about 1400.

Day 4: Gundar to Lamkhaga base camp. we hope there would be a snow bridge at the valley end, from the right bank we were on, to the left bank to ascend to the base camp….No Luck !! we finally had to cross right over the Baspa Glacier…….a tough climb over rocky up/downs, strictly keeping to the track shown by Dara Singh Negi, our guide from Chitkul.
Descended and waited up for the whole gang to regroup. the ponies carrying mainly provisions were sent back and the remaining load shared out among the 9 porters. then began the climbs through steep rock patches and over snow, to the base camp………just a few flattened out spaces amid rocks with the snow and streams right alongside. Nights were now 0 degrees !! Alt. 16200ft

Lamkhaga traverse
Lamkhaga traverse

Day 5: the BIG day……began with a steep climb through scree/rubble to the bench to for a  L O N G walk through vast snowfields. check my photos.
Finally, I got to the Pass at 1230. the staff went ahead and cut steps in the ice/snow, up the steep 30-inch path to the top. BUT……the gang was mostly too tired to even attempt this scary climb..and opted to take the designated Rest Day right there on the snowfield……..tents were pitched there and clean snow got to the kitchen for hot soup and the evening meal !!
had a moderate snowstorm that evening…but the tents held…and that night camping on the snow temps close to minus 8 were recorded …brr brr 16600ft

Lamkhaga climb
Lamkhaga climb
Camping near pass back camp
Camping near pass back camp. Lamkhaga pass trek

Day 6: Waited till 0930 for the snow to soften, and crossed the last snowfield to do the great ascent to the top of Lamkhaga Pass. 17300ft Surprisingly the Pass is only about 20 ft broad at the top. celebrations and congratulations all around, and looking down the Harsil side, all we saw was a SEA of snowfields sloping down, so…so we sat on our backsides and slid down quite a bit. then a white-out and Dara Singh showed why he was such a good guide. he maneuvered through the white-out, without any hesitation. at one stage coming upon some rocks I asked if he recognized them, what rocks ?? he replied.. there usually are no rocks to be seen when I cross, he said !!!!!! but unfailingly we reached the first plain patch , right where the down trail began…some miracle !!! a long walk along the sheer spine, till at 1530 found a water point and clear place and the tents went up.

Climbing Lamkhaga pass ( alt 5282 meters)
Climbing Lamkhaga pass ( alt 5282 meters)

Day 7: All the way down..down..down.. through snow and rubble till we saw the path to Chotkhaga on our left. and final the green meadows of Kiyarkoti and a beautiful camp along the Bhojpatra forest.
Day 8: Blinding blue skies for the final day, a long lonely trek down, crossing the Jalandri gad, and thru the green fields of Gagnani to the Lal Devta and the final steep descent thru the pine forests above Harsil, reaching there at 1330 hrs………tired but on a Terrific High…. I had waited many years to do this trek, and it was everything I hoped it would be.
Rested at Harsil, then a day in Uttarkashi, then a bus to Hardwar, and trains to Delhi and Pune. The trek was arranged by Sonu Negi of Raacho Trekkers 
All arrangements were good and Prakashji camp cook was very good.


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