How safe is the water to drink en route Auden’s Col?

During the trek, numerous mountain streams originating from Gangotri glaciers(like Kedar Ganga, Bhilangana, and Vasuki Ganga etc.)  are the main source of drinking water and water for cooking. Mountain stream water & snowmelt water is perfectly safe to drink though the problem of silt mixed water may arise during the rainy days. We filter water through a sedimentation process. We also recommend trekkers to carry a water bottle fitted with a filter. You can get filter-fitted bottles easily in the market.

While trekking it is extremely important to stay hydrated. During the trekking on sunny days, you will be thirsty more often. You can add hydration salts or glucose to the drinking water that keeps you healthy while improving the taste of the water. 

We trudge on the least explored trails and terrains of Kinnaur, Spiti, Uttarkashi and Garhwal region.
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