Can you list out the packing list for Lamkhaga pass trek?

When it comes to packing for a trek in an efficient way so that you have maximum flexibility with minimum weight, we advise trekkers to pack only what it essentially needed. Packing things that are not required will overburden porters & mules and hamper the probability of competing a high altitude trek like Lamkhaga.

Clothing & Gear

  1. Trekking pants and jackets.
  2. Rainproof pants and jackets.
  3. Thermals underwear.
  4. A pair of gloves.
  5. Short-sleeved trekking shirts.
  6. Long-sleeved trekking shirts.
  7. Woolen cap/ beanies.
  8. Insulating jackets.
  9. Fleece-lined jacket.
  10. Lightweight Sweaters. 
  11. Trekking boots.
  12. Flip-flops or river shoes
  13. First Aid.
  14. Sanitary pads/ Tampons.
  15. Toiletries.
  16. Sunscreen.
  17. Hand sanitizer.
  18. Quick-drying towel.
  19. Water Bottle.
  20. Sunglasses.
  21. Chargers.
  22. Headlamp

Important Documents

  • Photo-ID( Passport/Driving License/Voter ID/Aadhar).
  • Fitness certificate.

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