Can you give me a brief snapshot of the 12-day Auden’s Col & Mayali pass trek itinerary?

The route traverses through the valley of Rudugaira to Auden’s Col and ends at the village of Ghuttu, and for the 3-pass expedition, It’ll be conflated with the Mayali Pass to go all the way to Kedarnath. It is also possible to cross only Auden’s Col by starting the trek at Gangotri and exiting at Guttu(i.e. Mayali pass would be skipped). Another trail in the valley between the valleys of Gangotri and Rudugaira will lead us to Kedar Tal. Kedar Tal offers magnificent views of the Thalay Sagar and Bhrigupanth peaks. In the first part, the route would take us to Kedar Tal, and then we cross over from Kedar Ganga (Kedar Ganga is a tributary of the Bhagirathi River) to Rudugaira Valley through a pass called Patangini Dhar. In the second part, we will cross Auden’s Col and trek over Khatling glacier to the origin of the Bhilangna river. In the last part, we will switch over to the Mayali Pass trail to reach Kedarnath.


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