Parang-La Trek

Parang La trek encapsulates the beauty of Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh part of Changthang plateau of the trans-Himalayas. The trek starts from Kibber village in Spiti and ends at Korzok with an overwhelmingly beautiful Tso-Moriri lake as icing on the cake.

Korzok or Karzok – The Beautiful Himalayan village is located on the banks of Tso Moriri Lake. Korzok village is situated in the Leh District of Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Parang – La Trek

It is located almost 200 km away from Leh Town. One has to book own Transport to reach this village. It is among the highest village in the world. According to history, it was the Central Asian Trade route until 1947. Korzok is headquarters of Rupshu Valley and many Beautiful Trans Himalayan Treks starts or ends here; Parang La is one of them too.

The diverse terrain includes long glacier walks of Parang glacier (source of Pare Chu river ), river crossing, negotiating crevasses, lake, and beautiful mountain meadows. The trail follows the broad valley of the Pare Chu till its confluence with the Phirtse Phu at Norbu Sumdo.

Best time to do Parang- La is from June to September. Early June is good for experiencing long snow cover and snowscapes.  In August – September month there is a beautiful contrast of green mountain meadows against the desert brown landscape and snow-capped mountain peaks.

What Does Parang – La Trek Cost?

The Cost estimation is based on the number of factors like the group size, pick-up place(Chandigarh/Shimla) and add-ons needed(like backpack offloading, accommodation before and after the trek & drop off point(Shimla/Chandigarh). Drop an email to avail group offers & early bird discounts.

Our fixed departures for 2020 have been scheduled. We can arrange a customized trek if the dates are not suiting your plan.

Parang La trek Itinerary

Day 1: Kibber to Dumla – Trek starts around 11:30 AM & end at 2:00PM (Acclimatization Day).
The altitude of Dumla Camp-site is 4125 Mtr
Trek Distance: 6.98 Kms.

Day 2: Dumla to Thalthak – Trek starts around 8:30 AM & end at 11:45 AM (Acclimatization Day)
The altitude of Thalthak Camp-site is 4583 Mtr
Trek Distance: 5.51 Kms.

Day 3: Thalthak to Bongrojen – Trek starts around 7:45 AM & end at 3:30 PM
The altitude of Bongrojen Camp-site is 5020 Mtr
Trek Distance: 18.49 Kms.

Day 4: Bongrojen to Dak Karzong – Trek starts around 4:45 AM & end at 3:30 PM
Altitude of Parang La is 5538 Mtr (Reached Parang La Top between 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM and spent around 1 hr )
The altitude of Dak Karzong Camp-site is 4862 Mtr
Trek Distance: 20.16 Kms.

Day 5: Dak Karzong to Datang Yongma – Trek starts around 9:00 AM & end at 5:00 PM
The altitude of Datang Yongma Camp-site is 4704 Mtr
Trek Distance: 21.23 Kms.

Day 6: Datang Yogma to Changthang – Trek starts around 6:37 AM & end at 2:30 PM (Here u can camp at Norbu Sumdo or Chnagthang or Chumur)
The altitude of Changthang Camp-site is 4595 Mtr
Trek Distance: 24.22 Kms.
Note: The trek continues till you reach Norbu Sumdo, Sumdo meaning junction of 3 trails – one from Spiti, one from Chumur, one from Ladakh.

Day 7: Changthang to Kiangdom – Trek starts around 7:53 AM & end at 11:00 AM
Altitude of Kiangdom Camp-site is 4529 Mtr – This Camp-site is situated on the banks of Tso Moriri Lake.
Trek Distance: 10.44 Kms.

Day 8: Kiangdom to Karzok – Trek start around 8:24 AM & end at 3:30 PM
Altitude of Karzok Camp-site is 4579 Mtr
Trek Distance: 22.71 Kms.

Note: The timings mentioned here are of the last trek. It is not fixed and will be adjusted according to the circumstances.

Parang – La trek map

Parang – La trek map by Leomann Himalaya maps

Parang - La trek map | Parang la trek
Parang – La trek map

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