Is Buran Ghati trek doable in October?

Yes. Buran Ghati trek in October month is recommended for people are into astrophotography or dawn & dusk photography. The sky during this time stays clear and the air is ideally crisp for shooting night sky or Milky Way. 

How can I find a trek guide for Buran Ghati?

Raacho Trekkers have a team of local guides who have trekked this region for over 10 years now. Apart from trek/terrain expertise, they offer valuable insights on the everyday life of local people, their cultures and sociocultural traits. 

Is Buran Ghati trek Doable In May?

Yes! We recommend May month to be the best time for the Buran Ghati trek.  In May, you’lll witness the panoramic vistas of Himalayan ranges and lush greenery of the Pabbar valley — sans repulsive rains. 

How To Reach Buran Ghati?

Buran Ghati pass remains accessible from May to October (or early November) period. The pass is reachable either via Janglikh-Litham Thach route or via Brua-Brua Kanda route.

Where Is Buran Ghati?

Buran Ghati is a mountain pass located in the lesser (or middle) Himalayan range. The pass is a crossover between Janglikh village of Pabbar valley and Brua village of the Baspa valley of Kinnaur.