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HRTC Baggage Policy & Terms Decoded (Tips & Fee Chart)

HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) is well known for its drivers driving buses through vertiginous landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

However, a few people know that HRTC — though established in 1974 — came up with a luggage fare policy only in August 2023.  

Needless to say, the revenue generation of the corporation have been boosted manifold by the new luggage/baggage policy. In September 2023, its revenue was 25 percent up when compared with the same period in 2022.

Though it has been more than seven months now, there is still lack of clarity about the baggage tariff, especially among the people living in remote regions of the state. 

The backstory 

About a week ago, my mother called me up to let me know that she is sending two bags stuffed with Arbi (Taro roots), Spinach and Chives leaves.

Though I knew the Himachal government has enacted a baggage policy for HRTC1, I was not sure about its details. My mother was not sure about it either. So I advised her to carry some cash with her and offer it to the bus conductor for taking care of the stuff. 

About 11 o’clock, the next day, I got a call from her. Mother said she had to pay 229 rupees as a baggage fee to the conductor. 

HRTC bus ticket from Madanpuri (Tikkar) to Shimla

The conductor charged full ticket — normal bus fare without any women concessions or green/yellow card concession — for the allowing the luggage to be carried from Madanpuri bus stop (a place near my home) to Shimla. 

HRTC luggage fee

#ArticlesTariff (with passenger/pax)Tariff (without passenger/pax)*
1Office chair/Dinning
1/4th of a passenger
Half of a passenger
2Dining/Office table up to 3 feet lengthFull fare of one pax2× of the full fare of one pax
3Sofa set 5 seaters2 pax fare4 pax fare
4Sofa chair, single seat   Half of 1 pax fare1 pax fare
5Sofa chair, 3 seaters1 pax fare2 pax fare
6Folding/Single bedHalf of 1 pax fare1 pax fare
7Single bed box1 pax fare2 pax fare
8Double bed box2 pax fare4 pax fare
9Almirah (big size)2 pax fare4 pax fare
10Almirah (medium/small size)1 pax fare2 pax fare
11Sewing machine/ Fan1/4th of one pax fareHalf of one pax fare
12Plastic/Folding Chair1–3 Chairs:1/4th of   one pax fare
4–6 Chairs: 
Half of one pax fare 7–9 Chairs: 3/4th   of   one pax fare
10–12 Chairs: 1 pax   fare
1–3 Chairs: Half of one pax fare
4–6 Chairs: One pax fare 
7–9 Chairs: 1.5 times of 1 pax fare
10–12 Chair: 2 pax fare
13BicycleHalf of one pax fareOne pax fare
14Children trolley/tricycleFree1/4th of one pax fare
15WheelchairFree1/4th of one pax fare
16Desktop computer w/ LED/LCD monitorHalf of 1 pax fareOne pax fare
17LaptopFree up to 3 computers. 1/4th of one pax fare for every computer set after 3.One pax fare
18LCD/LED TV & Monitor up to
1/4th of one pax fareOne pax fare
19LCD/LED TV & Monitor up to
21 to 40″
Half of 1 pax fareTwo pax fare
20LCD/LED TV & Monitor
One pax fareTwo pax fare
21Washing MachineOne pax fareTwo pax fare
22Apple fruit box (gift pack)Free for 1 box. For more than one, 1/4th of one pax fare shall be charged.Half of one pax fare.
23Apple fruit box (large)Free for 1 box. For more than one, half of one pax fare shall be charged. One pax fare
24Luggage containing only personnel and household itemsUp to 30 Kilograms:  Free if you’re carrying two bags that weighs up to 30 kg.  For luggage weighing more than 30 kilograms, 1/4th of one pax fare shall be charged.One pax fare
25Fruits and vegetables sack/boxa) Up to 20 Kg: 1/4th of one pax fare.
b) 21 to 40 Kg: Half of   one   pax fare.
c) 41 to 80 Kg: One pax fare.
a) Up to 20Kg: Half of one pax fare
b) 21 to 40 Kg: One pax fare
c) 41 to 80 Kg: Two pax fare
26Luggage of any size containing automobile parts/Electronic gadgets/Electrical machines or tools/Dry Fruits/Cosmetic products/
Hosiery material/Medicines/Medical appliances
a) Up to 40 Kg: Half of one pax fare.
b) 41 to 80 Kg:  One pax fare
a) Up to 40 Kg: One pax fare.
b) 41 to 80 Kg:  Two pax fare.
27Voluminous materiala)  Up to 10 kg:  Half of one pax fare.
b) 11-20 kg: One
pax fare.
a)  Up to 10 kg:  One pax fare.
b) 11-20 kg: Two
pax fare.
28Flower box
Weighing up to 35 kg
1/5th of one pax fare.1/5th of one pax fare
29Other kind of luggage, i.e. any item listed above.a)  Up to 40 kg: Half of one pax fare.
b) 41 to 80 kg:  One
pax fare.
a)  Up to 40 kg: One pax fare.
b) 41 to 80 kg:  Two
pax fare.
30Bird in cage1/4th of one pax fareNot allowed
31Pet Animals in Non-AC
One pax fareNot allowed
32Newspaper bundles of the travel dateFreeFree
Baggage Policy & Terms of Himachal Road Transport Corporation

*Without a passenger here means that you are not travelling in the bus and are simply transporting your luggage through the bus. This is the reason behind the baggage charges being doubled (in most cases) in comparison to the former. 

Despite this detailed luggage tariff, there are many points of confusion here. For example: 

  • What luggage comes under the definition of “voluminous material”? 
  • Why luggage tariff is different for apple boxes and fruits and vegetables sack/boxes? 

Moreover, HRTC is charging luggage fee for articles like bicycles and wheelchairs. Cycling is an environment (and health) friendly mode of transport.  Charging a baggage fee for transporting bicycles is like discouraging people from buying them.  I can’t think of a reason for charging luggage fee for wheelchairs. 

Policy terms

  1. Pets are not allowed in AC buses 
  2. Restricted, prohibited and banned articles are not allowed. Check the HRTC website for the details. 
  3. You’re responsible for loading and unloading of the luggage. 
  4. HRTC will not be responsible if the baggage is seized by tax authorities for not producing valid supporting invoice/documents. 
  5. The passenger or baggage sender must show their Aaadhar card to the bus conductor before loading the articles.

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Augmenting resources

The primary reason behind bringing this baggage policy is improving the financial health of Himachal Road Transport Corporation, a public sector undertaking of the government of Himachal Pradesh. 

While it is imperative to better the financial health of HRTC, the policies implemented to achieve its financial goals should be rational and easy to digest. 

Take an example of luggage policy of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC). They offer free baggage policy of 50 kg per passenger. For more than 50 kg baggage, the luggage fee is calculated based on the travel distance and weight, eliminating any possibility of confusion.  APSRTC one of a few state road transportation in India who is netting good profit for the state exchequer. 

Featured image by: Saurabh Sabikhi.

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