Jalandhari Gad amphitheater [Lamkhaga pass trek 2018]

Lamkhaga Pass Trek Blog – May 2018 Expedition

Lamkhaga Pass (5282m) (Chitkul in Sangla valley to Harsil village of Garhwal, Uttarakhand), May 2018

Chitkul to Harsil/Gangotri trek

The trek starts from the last village of Kinnaur, Himachal and ends at Harsil in the Gangotri valley of Uttrakhand. That is why, the Lamkhaga pass trek is also known as Chitkul to Gangotri trek or vice versa. 

This Himalayan high pass divides Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand in India.

Trek Route: The itinerary 

We followed the following route:

  • Day #1 : Chitkul to Rani Kanda
  • Day #2: Rani Kanda to Dumti
  • Day #3: Dumti to Gundar
  • Day #4: Gundar to Lamkhaga advance base camp (Kinnaur side) (One may break this climb till base camp 1 and next day to advance base camp…….we skipped)
  • Day #5: Advance base camp to Upper Kyarkoti after crossing Lamkhaga pass (Again, you may camp at Lamkhaga pass base camp of Gangotri side followed by trek till Kyarkoti…….we decided to continue beyond base camp and camp at upper Kyarkoti)
  • Day #7: Upper Kyarkoti to Kyarkoti
  • Day #8: Kyarkoti to Gangnani
  • Day #9: Gangnani to Harsil

This is a remote pass and very few groups have finished this. Thus it could be a good option for all those who love to visit the under-explored!

First day camping at Ranikanda near Chitkul
Baspa Glacier. Chotakhaga pass is visible in the background.[Lamkhaga pass 2018]
Huge icicles near Baspa glacier ice cave

Baspa glacier ice cave
Baspa glacier ice cave
Climbing up to the Lamkhaga pass base camp
Water pumped out off the glacier beneath the tent……trying to reset the tents
Trying to dig out some water from beneath the glacier at advance base camp
View from base camp
Baspa Glacier. Chotakhaga pass is visible in the background.[Lamkhaga pass 2018]
Lamkhaga pass base camp
View from the pass base camp
The almost vertical pass………look at the tiny dots……they are trying to climb up
Lamkhaga pass summit
View of Uttrakhand side glacier
Jalandhari Gad amphitheater
Descending into the Jalandhari Gad valley
Origin of Jalandri gad stream. Jalandri Gad is a right bank tributary of Bhagirathi river

Meadows of Kyarkoti. Harsil valley Uttrakhand



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  1. Rishab Nag

    How much will this trek cost? and What other requirements are there which must be fulfilled before going forward with this trek?

    Waiting eagerly for a response back soon. Thanks, Rishab from Delhi.

    1. Hi Rishab. I have mailed you the details.

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