Parang-La Pass Trek Log

Zanskar peaks towering over the Tso Moriri lake

On my return to Mud village of Spiti valley (from the Pin-Parvati trek), I was surprised to find Simon, a traveller from the UK (Birmingham), still staying at Mud.  He was there for the past 10 days. The next day, on 4th Aug, after an early breakfast, I caught the 7 AM bus (along with… Continue reading Parang-La Pass Trek Log

Manirang Pass Trek Log

Manirang Pass Trek Itinerary Day 1: Mud Village to Mane. Mane village to Manirang base camp  2nd of August Took a bus from Mud village to Mane village.  Trekked to Manirang Base camp near Mor Nala (a stream or rivulet). Coordinates (lat 31.97792N, long 78.31715E).  Day 2: Manirang base camp to advance base camp 3rd… Continue reading Manirang Pass Trek Log

Crossing the Himalayas: From Leh To Kathmandu

The 28-year-old French adventurer Eliott Schonfeld, winner of the GEO Adventure contest, crossed the Himalayan chains on foot and on horseback from August to December 2017. After four and a half months of trudging in trans-Himalaya, he gradually got rid of the modern comforts & paraphernalia. The aim was to replace the products of modern… Continue reading Crossing the Himalayas: From Leh To Kathmandu

My solo trip to Spiti Valley in Winter

Better late than never. After multiple attempts to convince my parents, I finally completed my FIRST ever solo trip to Spiti valley in frigid winters. Like every first thing, it was special. So, I chose a special destination for this, SPITI Valley. Yes, the most beautiful, serene, and one of the most exotic places in… Continue reading My solo trip to Spiti Valley in Winter