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Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama trek [Charang-La 5270m] – June 2014 expedition

Charang – La base camp

Otherwise called Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama, this trek is circumambulation around holy Kinnaur Kailash Range.
Kinnaur Kailash is one of the 5 Kailash a Shiv Bhakt must visit (others being Shrikhand Mahadev, Manimahesh Kailash, Adi Kailash and Kailash Mansarovar). Kinnaur Kailash itself, has two important routes from pilgrimage perspective.
1) Kinnaur Kailash Shivling – Which is around 4500M ASL, approachable
in a 10 day period only in August. This is a state-sponsored Yatra.
2) Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama aka Charang-La pass which is around 5200 Meters, which this album is all about. This is very difficult pass crossing in June snow and scree conditions.
It is said the spirits of the dead walk amidst Rangrik peak in the vicinity of Kinnaur Kailash peak. Kinnaur Kailash itself is winter abode to Lord Shiva who conducts darbar for a class of mythological people called Kinnaurs (one who is proficient in music in Hindu Mythology)
And apart from the importance to Hinduism, this trek also provides an opportunity to visit Charang Monastery one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries in Himalayas. Unlike the Male Lamas of Ladakh, this particular monastery is inhabited by Buddha Bikshinis (Female Buddha monks). Read more…

Kalpa-Charang winter walks | Winter in Kinnaur

View of the valley , Kalpa, Kinnaur.

After a long delay, finally posting pics of our winter trip to Kalpa , Charang & the Rangrik Monastery. Charang is last village on the Indo-China Border. The last ITBP post is located in this village. For the city folks the village offers a complete escape from the busy city life. No network coverage — bosses can’t call you. For comfort trip seeker , I will recommend Charang only during summers. In winters, with temperature plunging to about -15 ºC & heavy snowfall blocking all the roadways for weeks — the place is  either for the brave hearts or for ignorants like us. Read more…

Lamkhaga pass trek | In the footsteps of Marco Pallis

Climbing up to the Lamkhaga advance base camp

Lamkhaga pass blog by Rohit Bhat

[Chitkul to Harsil  via Lamkhaga Pass (5284mtr).  MAY – June 2015 ] 


28th May: Reach Base Camp Chitkul by road from Shimla

Trek Starts :-

29th May: Chitkul (3435 meter) to Nagasthi – Rani Kanda (3700 meter) ?10 km 5 hr trek .

30th May: Rani Kanda to Dumti (4050 meter) – 9 km/5 hr trek.

31st May: Dumti to Gundar (4450 meter) – 15km/7 hr trek

1st June: Gundar (4400 mts) to Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp (4400 meter)

2nd June: Lamkhaga Pass BC to Base Camp 2 (Kinnaur)

3rd June: Lamkhaga Pass BC(Kinnaur) to Lamkhaga Pass BC (Gangotri Side) via Lamkhaga Pass (5282 mts/17320 ft) / 14432 ft) 11 km/6 – 7 hr trek

4th June: Lamkhaga Pass Base Camp to Kyarkoti (3820 meter) – 16 km/7 – 8 hr trek

5th June: Kyarkoti to Harsil (2400 meter) – 14 km/6-7 hr trek

DAY1 :
Pahadi Hospitality at its best: All restaurants were closed by the time we reached Shimla. After searching for food nearby passport office without any vehicle(our driver had left after dropping us at the hotel) we failed to get one. It was 12am,the hotel manager and his assistant had to specially prepare rice and dal for us from their own personal kitchen.

Enchanting Kinnaur, Irritating hydro-projects, awesome curvy drive and the humble driver :
First of all thank you Vikas for arranging the car. Will make sure to recommend him to my friends if needed at all in the future.
Today’s journey began with Aloo paranthas and a glass of bournvita just in the outskirts of Shimla. While eating parathas, we never thought that we will be hating paranthas so much at the end of our journey and we still do while I type this, however you will come to know as the Tlog progresses. Weather was pleasant and eating fresh Narkanda cherries was surely a ‘cherry on top’ to add in this journey.
The tea and the mischievous kids playing at Wangtoo tea house was fun. One layer of cloth comes out of the bag at this place.Brrrrr! Though we were driving on NER, the vistas were getting more beautiful. We reached Rakpa regency at Kalpa @10pm passing through muddy Karcham-Powari stretch to beautiful dark town of Reckong Peo, through clouds and rains which got vanished later when we entered our room. The moonlit Kinner Kailash range was the most beautiful vista ever and the long tiring journey was totally worth it for this. Read more…

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